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Student Success Stories

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Regina is 30 years old and is originally from Pampojilá, one of the surrounding communities of San Lucas Tolimán. Regina traveled every day by pick-up truck to San Lucas for her schooling – 3 years in the IMED school and 3 years in the ENCAR school, studying to become a bookkeeper. She was part of our program from 2006-2011. 

In 2020 Regina graduated from the University of San Carlos as a teacher in Communications and Language; she is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in School Administration at the same university in addition to being employed in the school in her home community of Pampojilá as secretary and bookkeeper. 

Regina says: “Thank you to everyone who works for and seeks to support this program which provides support for youth in need. I am infinitely grateful to sponsors who trusted Dennis Evans and the SLT Scholars scholarship program allowing many young people to fulfill their dreams for a better quality of life. Thank you SLT Scholars for being a hope for many young people!!” 

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